The New Science of Religion


It's an endlessly contentious, incredibly important, but  deeply mysterious phenomenon.

In this mini-series, we talk with scholars working at the cutting edge of science to explore just what religion is, where it came from, and what makes it so powerful. 

Whether you're a devout believer, an avowed atheist, or somewhere in between, the answers may shock you. 

Join us on this journey, deep into the roots of human psyche.  

A journey into the new science of religion. 

All the music in this series is brought to you by Vincent Moon of Petites Planètes



Nur-Zhovkhar (Chechnya), the soundtrack to the introduction video.


Raizes Caboclas, featured in the opening sequence of Religion and Cooperation in Brazil


Umbanda, the Candomblé ethnographic music video featured in Religion and Cooperation in Brazil.


Dona Onete, featured in the epilogue of Religion and Cooperation in Brazil.


Le Grand Jihad (Part I) depicts Sufi Islam in Chechnya, as featured in Belief, Identity and Sacrifice


Kona features a pagan ceremony of thanks conducted in Russian North Ossetia. Excerpts appear in Dr Joseph Henrich's Cultural Evolution & the Origin of Faith.